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Water Diplomacy - Picking Up Where We Left Off

The Hollings Center explores the future of water diplomacy as a source of cooperation in MENA.

Cooperative Entrepreneurship - Picking Up Where We Left Off

The Hollings Center explores cooperative entrepreneurship models with guests Maru Bautista and Berkin Şafak Şener.

MENA Information Challenges

Civil society in MENA faces challenges countering digital authoritarian practices and disinformation, requiring support. Tamara Kharroub explains.

Implications of Safe City Projects

Discover implications of Safe City projects, like surveillance and democratic implications. Why is transparency in such technologies needed?

Environmental Cooperation Southeast Asia

Courtney Weatherby discusses potential for environmental cooperation in Southeast Asia and how the US can play a role.

U.S. Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia

Greg Polling discusses how U.S. Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia is changing in light of new challenges in the region.

U.S.-Indonesia Relations

Senia Febrica discusses the current state of U.S.-Indonesia relations. She focuses on potential collaboration on the environment.

U.S.-Malaysia Economic Relations

Thomas Daniel describes the current state of U.S.-Malaysia economic relations and ways in which the two can work more effectively together.

Episode 12: U.S.-Iraq Relations - Picking Up Where We Left Off

Listen to Picking Up Where We Left Off on US-Iraq Relations byPicking Up Where We Left Off on Synopsis: US-Iraq Relations Almost 20 years following the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the country finds itself yet again at a crossroads. There have been recent struggles of forming a government under the shadow of persistent threats […]

US Policy Toward Syria

What are the perceptions of U.S. engagement in Syria? What should the United States change in its policy toward Syria?

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