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Humanitarian Organizations and Sanctions Challenges

Explore the intricate challenges posed by sanctions on humanitarian work. Basma Alloush advocates ongoing dialogue for efficient operations.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Economic Sanctions

Explore the cost-benefit analysis of sanctions on humanitarian efforts. Dursun Peksen delves into the complexities and impact of sanctions.

Youth, Social Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development Project

Youth continue to be largely ignored by those in power. Rather than viewing them as important human capital, youth are often viewed with suspicion because they frequently challenge traditional norms and ways of doing things in society. These authorities fail to comprehend that putting youth to work would not only enhance economic growth, but promote […]

Social Movements in the United States and the Role of Media

The Young Professionals in International Relations talks series hosted Robert Rosenthal, executive producer at the Center for Investigative Reporting, on September 28, 2020. Rosenthal spoke about the past and present of covering social movements in the United States, and the motivational, mobilizing power of information. Rosenthal touched on how the media of the past struggled […]

Public-Private Sector Relations in Smart Cities

Raafat Radwan discusses some of the challenges to building better relationships between the public and private sector, highlighting the importance in building trust to smart city development. Raafat Radwan is a national, regional and international consultant with more than 40 years of career experience in both the public sector and as a consultant in different […]

What is Smart Transportation?

Jane Macfarlane discusses how transportation in urban environments has reached a tipping point. She highlights the types of data being collected and how it could be better used for active control across entire networks. She discusses ongoing research on how to design smart transportation systems. Jane Macfarlane has been a pioneer in applying advanced computing […]

Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade Portal

In order to expand mutual peace, prosperity and overcome barriers to trade Hollings Center for International Dialogue grantees from Pakistan and Afghanistan launched an Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade Portal (APTP). The Project aimed at supporting and growing bilateral trade and economic links and between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The trade portal web site can be found at: […]

Economic Diversification in Oman

Like other GCC states, Oman is working to diversify its economy and is engaged in a plan to achieve this goal. Khalid Alharibi and Fatma Abduljalil Moosa discuss Oman’s progress toward this goal. They further discuss how small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will play a role in Oman’s economic future. Khalid Alharibi is the […]

Successful Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Programs

Khaled Hijab discusses what makes economic empowerment and entrepreneurship programs for marginalized communities successful. Khaled E. Hijab is the executive director of Tech Tribes. Through his expertise in social innovation and information and communications technologies for development (ICT4D), Khaled connects youth-focused NGOs across the region with technology tools useful for advancing their work, increasing civic […]

Cooperatives for Socioeconomic Integration Programs

Maru Bautista discusses how worker cooperatives could be utilized as an alternative business model to promote the socioeconomic integration of marginalized communities. Maru Bautista is the director of the Cooperative Development Program at the Center for Family Life in Brooklyn, New York. For the past five years, she has worked with her team and the […]

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