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Afghanistan: The Next Generation of Scholars

Understanding Afghanistan has been a critical need over the past two decades and will continue to be important in the coming years. Yet, the necessary scholarship that can provide better understanding of the country remained underdeveloped both within and outside the country for decades. With the exception of a brief open period between 1960 and […]

Podcast: Noah Coburn

Noah Coburn discusses the key takeaways from research conducted through a Hollings Center small grant on the U.S. Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program, which provides visas for Afghans that worked as translators with the U.S. military or on U.S-funded projects and now find themselves in danger.

Out of Harm's Way? Perspectives of the Special Immigrant Visa Program for Afghanistan

September 2016. Noah Coburn and Timor Sharan As the United States has drawn down the number of troops stationed in Afghanistan and the amount of internationally funded programs has similarly decreased, Afghans who worked as interpreters for the military or other U.S. government projects have been left in grave danger, as they and their families […]

A Look Back at the 2008 U.S.-Iran Higher Education Dialogue

September 2012. [doc id=17149]Diplomatic tension between Iran and the United States make it easy to forget the cautious optimism that characterized relations in 2008. When President Obama took office, one of his foreign policy aims was re-engaging with Iran. During this period, the Hollings Center, with the University of Birmingham, organized a conference entitled, “American […]

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